Last of the summer wine

Image a small black bird with a pin in his spine

He is in excruciating pain.

He wants to end it by being paralyzed

It’s a weird request but it will all go away.

The ants tell him he can’t for they won’t be able to travel far distances without him.

The turtles tell him he can’t because they love his singing too much.

The dirt tells him he can’t because the bird releases all the nasty worms from their soil.

The wise owl says taking out the pin will paralyze the bird and he will eventually die. “Suicide is selfish, you don’t just end the pain for yourself but you carry the pain onto others!”

The black bird with the pin in his spin cries. He Cries for days, weeks, months, years. He Cries and cries. Secretly while he forces everyday to appear chipper and to make the other animals in the forest smile. They smile and laugh at his jokes, his silly ways & smirk when he makes a mistake. “Why are you always so happy?” They ask. Laughing at his uneducated & blissfulness.

The ants have made a pact, successful making the biggest ant hill in the forest.

The turtles are a huge success as well being the most talented musicians & dancers in the forest.

The dirt starts traveling far, to exotic new lands taking partnership with the wind.

The wise old owl brags about his intelectual inquiries with a noble knight and opportunity granted upon him to teach the younger animals.

The black bird cries.

Word crosses the forest that he wishes to die.

“No!” Exclaims the ants, “what will we do without you?”

“No!” Cries the turtles, “this will make us very sad”

“You can’t !” Says the dirt “I need you”

“You must” said the wise owl “you must”

All the animals were stunned and looked at owl. Wondering why he had spoke such a thing.

“Everyone has their accomplishments, everyone has dreams. Only whose who dream can prosper”.

Owl had exclaimed the truth.

Bird had no dreams, he had no ambition. Bird had no wishes. In his mind he was done. He only wanted to die.

“You must not cause more pain on yourself to please others. What good is life if you cannot get anything in return?”

Bird held his head low “ I don’t want any animal in this forest to feel as much shame, as much pain & how much sorrow I have to wake up with everyday”.

Owl nodded & the animals in a deap sorrow nodded too. They did not want bird to feel this way for their sake.

“I will take the pin “ said the ants,

“I will help too” said turtle,

“I will hold you” said dirt

and owl held the bird’s wing.

“You will not have to do this alone”.

Together the animals were with bird that day while he was finally able to fly painlessly and free as the spirit of the forest.

He is forever with them in their hearts.

Written by Vivian Alvarez