Every beginning is just an extension of an ‘old end’

If you will try googling inspirational quotes on beginnings you will always come across this quote- “Every end is signalling a new beginning” or something like “what appears to be the end may really be a new beginning”. These were great quotes when I finished watching the 10th season of friends(someone make an 11th season please because then I started watching Modern Family(a late start indeed). However, now that I am ready to start my 11th year of schooling I am scared because this time I am not able to ‘move on’ from the good old 10th grade. It is very silly that a 15 year boy is scared about “fitting” in his new class when there are more important things to read and be scared about but for my own convenience and some of those idiots(like me) who are always nervous about new beginnings I have a new quote which is essentially rephrasing the existing one. Instead of looking at every end as a new beginning one should always see things as an extension of the end. This doesn’t mean that one should dwell on the past; because the past is long gone and cannot be changed instead one should always find a connection(couldn’t find a better word) that will help him become optimistic and cautious for the future. These connections along with the memories of the good and bad times will work in three ways:

  1. ) The bad memories that still give you nightmares will tell help you become cautious about the future. The sad memories will teach the importance of happiness and in the future.
  2. )The second way is the extension of the first point; and to start it I have a quote(which I found quoted already in a novel) “For in every ill-turn of fortune the most unhappy sort of unfortunate man is the one who has been happy”; that was Boethius in De Consolatione Philosophiae(which I didn’t read and actually found the quote in the novel The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galibrath). Nevertheless, ignoring the long story behind the quote my point is the bad memories form the past will help you adapt well in the future.
  3. )The third scenario is probably the only case where the end hurts. It’s the ending of a good time that leads to the sadness. Well in this case I should just say that the good memories are only distinguished because there are normal memories that are not good enough. Yes, it will hurt if the new beginning is not as good as the old end but the memories along with the connection can help you in creating the beginning(and the time beyond) better and more bearable creating a sense of optimism.

Now, coming to the end of my first ‘story’ if you have read this from the scratch and are still reading(without any boredom) you will see that so far I have been repeating a simple thing all over again. But now to end on a positive note here’s a different quote- “Things never happen the same way twice, dear one” and this is Aslan from the Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian. So, there is no point in sulking the end of a very good time or being nervous for a new beginning because everything we do in life is a first time thing and unique like each day we live; there is nothing else to compare it with- it’s neither good nor bad but only original. And believe me being original is the best thing ever.


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