Top 10 Tamil movies of 2017 to watch out

This blog is based on my personal opinion on my personal favourites out of 41 movies I watched in 2017. Here I focused mainly on the script, screenplay acting and music and not on technical elements like cinematography and editing as I don’t have enough knowledge on it yet.

  1. Aruvi 
    Aruvi is a women centric art film with many comical scenes throghout the movie for commercial movie lovers. It is a strong content oriented movie with great screenplay. The actress Aditi Balan desperetly needs a huge amount of appreciation for the top notch performance. Its cinematography tells that on how low production cost this gem of a movie was made. Its music is another experiment in tamil music industry. Though it is the best movie in my opinion, it also has many flaws in the middle of the movie which is not so realistic, speacially the scenes happens in a television show set. I personally feel like the debutant director should have avoided exposing a popular television show in a negative manner without propper evidence and also the scene where a popular tamil actor is trolled badly for no reason. Still the movie standout as the best movie of 2017.
  2. Baahubali 2: The Conclusion
    Baahubali 2 is a historical period movie which is the sequel of 2015 national award winning best movie Baahubali: The Beginning. This movie already got a sky level expectation before its release itself because of the prequel and I will say, YES the director didn’t fail to fullfil the expectations. At the beginning the movie starts slow with commercial elements to attract the commercial movie lovers which I personally feel like could have been avoided but once the movie gets into the track the movie goes outstanding till climax with highly gripping screenplay. There are lot of goosebumps guranteed scenes and unexpected turning points through out the movie, especially the interval scene which is best in recent years. At the climax the movie totally falls down with logicless fight scenes which is very much irritating for me. It should be mentioned that the fight scene in the prequel between Kalakeyas and Mahizhmathi Kingdom is the highlight scene of the movie which created so much expectation in the sequel movie’s fight scenes. I feel like the climax scene which initially planned should have been different where Kannada actor Sudeep would be involve who appeared in the prequel at the beginning in a single scene for no reason where he tells that he is ready to help anytime to Kattappa, but finally changed due to some unavoidable reason( Note that it is just my personal thought). If the director would have changed the climax this movie would have been the best movie easily. The backround score and few songs needs special mention which is another plus for the magnum opus. Everyone knows about the earth shattering box office records and the success in all languages world wide.
  3. Vikram Vedha
    Vikram Vedha is a top class crime thriller movie with all the elements needed. The perfect script and the gripping screenplay of the movie is the major highlight where the movie will go in the present but periodically every time when Vijay Sethupathy meets Madhavan, Vijay Sethupathy reveals some backstory and questions Madhavan which makes both Madhavan and the us speechless. Both Vijay Sethpathy as a don and Madhavan as a cop gave a solid acting performance at the each end. The backround score just took the film to the next level which will remain in our mind even after the movie finishes. Also both Yaanji Yaanji and Tassaku Tassaku songs was impressive. This movie will not only satisfy A centre audience but also B,C centre audience at which helped this movie to emerge as one of the biggest blockbusters in 2017.
  4. Maanagaram
    As the title suggests it is a simple story in a city of multiple characters which will be connected by coincidences later. Despite its simple script, the movie became a solid one with the engaging screenplay and the acting performances of all the main actors. Also as usual the romantic songs in between the movie were speed breakers for this thriller. It is a movie which can be enjoyed by all centre audience. As a results of positive critic reviews and word of mouth it was dubbed and released in Telungu as well. The movie also succeeded commercially.
  5. Kurangu bommai
    Kurangu Bommai is a crime thriller which is made with an exceptional non linear screenplay which is the biggest plus for the movie where all the mystries will be revealed at the climax only. But that’s not the end, it moves further and ends by make us feel that how punishments much severe than death will be. All the casts of the movie gave a great performance especially Barathiraja. However the movie is strictly for art film lovers which led the movie to a box office failiure too.
  6. Thupparivaalan
    Thupparivalan is a dark crime thriller and a typical Mysskin film which is strictly not for the commercial movie lovers. The top class screenplay of the film makes us to watch the movie at the seat edge throughout. Though, the movie goes for a long time, it ends with an extra ordinary super lengthy climax, the best climax in recent times which will hold your attention perfectly. As the movie is for targeted audience the theatrical rights of the movie was less and it helped to give profit at the box office.
  7. 8 Thottakal
    8 thottakal is an emotional crime thriller with an intense script where the story moves with suspense in every second. MS Bhaskar single handedly carries the movie throughout till the end with a top notch performance. In this thriller also, romatic portions as well as the songs was a drawback for the gripping screenplay. Also the second half feels like little boring in some points but the emotional parts towards the end clicked very well. Still, it couldn’t taste the success at box office.
  8. Theeran Adhigaram Ondru
    Theeran Adhigaram Ondru is a true story based action crime thriller which had enough commercial elements to satisfy all centre audience. But personally for me all these commercial elements ruined the movie at many stages. Though the movie is praised very much I feel like the first half moves so grippy with full of mystries, but the second half is lengthy and dragy as most of the story will be revealed at the pre-interval scene itself and there is nothing to get excited in the second half till the climax. Still the positives of the movie stands high and was a good film at the end. Also the hard hitting true story makes us to give some respect towards cops. Though it fully satisfied all class audience and was appreciated very much , the high thetarical rights of the movie could not be covered fully and gave loss in some part of Tamil Nadu and overseas because of very bad promotions from the production side and bad release date.
  9. Taramani
    Taramani is a movie on modern city life style with many social cliches. It is a movie which can satisfy all centre audience at a decent level. The Yuvan-Ram combo worked again so much which is a big plus for the movie. Both Andreah Jeremiyah and Vasanth Ravi gave a convincing perfomance for their respective roles. Still the movie is a bit long and dragy in the second half. Despite its good critical reception the movie couldn’t perform at the box office.
  10. Kadugu
    Kadugu is a movie with strong content about the feeling of a single man over the activities happens around him. The movie travels with stories of different set of people where all will be connected as movie goes on. All the emotional scenes throughout the movie worked very well. Rajakumaran gave a top class performance where Bharath also gave a great performance in recent time. Another appreciable thing is the way the flashback was narrated. Despite its strong polt the movie lacks in screenplay very much which led the movie down a bit. Still the movie ends with a satisfying climax and the emotional plot makes it as a good movie overall. It is also an another box office failiure movie at the end.

Some other special mention needed movies I watched are Maragadha Nanayam, Kuttram 23, Lens, Aval and Rangoon. There are few other movies like Aramm which I missed to watch but got a very high critical reception.

Thank You.