Yemaya’s Kitchen is an inspirational space which celebrates Food, Folklore and a multicultural kitchen, rich in Motherlore and the voices of our varied ancestries; offering our families the healthiest, freshest foods which also celebrate diversity and the broad ethnic mix which so many of us are part of.

Because these little folk we are raising and rising are the future; what we fill their bellies and mind with matters. So let there be sausages and kofta from higher-welfare meat, bread and chapati from unbleached flour and sugar-free ketchup bottled in the winter. Heres to a thrifty, well stocked world pantry and fresh, healthy food which feeds and delights both you and your family.

Much kitchen tradition is passed on by word of mouth. In an increasingly digital and isolated world it seems vital to preserve and encourage Motherlore, nuture and community amongst women.

It is Mrs Barbosa’s intention to reclaim the kitchen as an empowering, intentional space for women to work, discuss, debate and cook.

A room of ones own. For us all.

Mrs Barbosa was born in August of 1978 to a Daddy of Sri Lankan, Burmese and Colombian blood and a Mama via Sweden and East Riding of Yorkshire.

Mrs Barbosa resides in Oxfordshire with Yorkshireman Mr Barbosa and their two smallings, Shango and Yemaya.