Polaroid Premier #misi21 #day21

When I was younger, before I turned 10 years old in 2005, my dad oftenly print picture that we had from vacation or special occasion (e.g. birthdays). It was still Kodak era with analog cameras. The mistaken pictures can not be erased. At that time we had cameras that use negative films when printing photos. I was living in a small city called Rostock in Germany and they had this Kodak photo printing service at the supermarket. We could drop the negative tapes there and pickup the printed pictures later. I love the idea of analog pictures because then we can create photo album or hang pictures on the wall. I don’t know why we are leaving this lifestyle and transition to Instagram as our gallery.

Kodak Printed Photo

It’s 2017, this is a digital era. My families almost never print photos anymore since the trend of taking pictures at phone. The quality had been so bad before the smartphone, but I don’t know why we still liked it so much. I have a huge gap of photo printing due to this digital era (it lets me having bad quality photos for years), but finally I’ve print some photos again. This time I use polaroid paper. Polaroid has been really popular, but I haven’t tried it until now. Yeah, I’m not a type of person who follows the trends. Anyway, I don’t have the polaroid printing machine, so I ordered it from someone through Instagram (it’s called @alapolaroid).

Polaroid Printed Photo

[This article was written to fulfil my twenty first challenge of #misi21: print a polaroid picture]