Utilizing the Student Cooperative #misi21 #day19

Me holding UI Wear in front of Scoop

A student cooperative is an Indonesian organization that values democracy and kinship. I am currently studying in the Faculty of Economics and Business, thus I’d utilize the shop (Scoop) to display my products. Scoop is managed by ESCO (Economic Student Cooperative). I’ve visited the student cooperative of Faculty of Public Health and they have similar products, such as snacks, drinks, and hand-made crafts. Scoop does not only display and sell products made the factories, but also those made by students.

UI Wear

The product that I told you before is a very comfortable T-shirt. It has unique writing on it that is “Mahasiswa UI. (n) yang lagi pake baju ini” which means “UI Students. (n) those who are wearing this shirt”. This product is named UI Wear and was made by me and two of my friends. We bought the cloth material in a specific store and brought it to another a digital printing store. UI Wear was approximately established 2 years ago.

[This article was written to fulfil the nineteenth challenge of #misi21: utilize the student cooperative]

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