Watching GoT #misi21 #day 8

Scene of Games of Thrones (GoT) in season 1 episode 1

Games of Thrones is a HBO TV serial that started to show on 2011. The series has genre of drama-fantasy which is among most favorite genre of mine. I am indeed a fan of the legendary Lord of The Rings, a movie that shows in cinema when I was in the childhood (2001–2003). A fantasy-genre fan like me supposed to follow GoT, but I did not, since I don’t watch series oftenly and I am not a type of person that follows the crowd (I’ve heard that everyone has watched GoT). I have never finish a whole series because I only watch several episodes. The most episodes that I’ve watched from a series are How I Met Your Mother and Gravity Falls.

I tried to watch the first episode of GoT thoroughly from the beginning until the end. I was amazed with the cinematography and digital graphs. While watching, I kept thinking on how complicated it is to choose and provide the costumes, as well as to choose the setting that keeps changing at each scene. In one episode, I could find so many stories that can relate to all type of ages, the childhood times, the teenage dilemmas, and the responsibilities of the grown ups. One point that keeps me in wonder is the amount of nudity scene in that episode. Most of people probably would like it, but it is not the case for me since it is really distracting. Also, the film makers creates the time dimension as beginning of the civilization in such a comprehensive detail. Then, I started to understand why people were always talking about GoT enthusiastically. I definitely would watch more episodes, but I can never promised myself to finish the whole series.

[This article was written to fulfill my eight challenge of #misi21: watch a GoT episod]