Leather Patina

2 min readJul 30, 2019

For those who don’t own something made with natural leather, might be wondering: What’s the big deal about owning a leather product? The big deal can be summarized in one word: Patina.

Slim Wallet

Photo — LAVNG slim wallet after 1 year of use vs a brand new LAVNG wallet

What is Patina?

Leather ages in a similar way, much like your favorite pair of raw denim, developing a “patina” as oils from your skin and other elements of the environment absorbs into it. Patina isn’t a negative; instead, it’s the main reason people fall in love with natural leather in its raw state. Like our tan color bags, starting with a beautiful pale tan shade, it eventually develops into any range of browns through wear and use.

How Do I Get Patina on My LAVNG Leather Bag?

Your LAVNG bag or wallet will show patina, you’ll get the most dramatic changes because our leather is aniline and is naked. A leather bag with a finish on it will likely show much less to no patina over the years. Aniline leather will show patina the most (in increasing order).

In order to actually get a nice patina on your LAVNG item, you have to do one simple thing — use it. Over time through natural wear, splashes of water, oils from your skin, and even the sun will cause a patina to develop.

Even though we advocate on being patient, if you’re one of those people who want a shortcut, there are plenty of things you can do to hasten the process. On a fun note, one is to maybe not be so careful when washing your hands while using your LAVNG bag. Other would be to leave it exposed in sunlight, the sunlight will naturally tan the leather, and the moisture from any precipitation will age it in a similar way.

Whether you want to speed up the process is up to you, but it’s clear that we can all agree that much like raw denim, for the leather, both the ongoing changes and eventual end result are worth the journey.

With time and use the leather will become even more beautiful — JUST LIKE YOU!

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