The entire Democratic Party Leadership must change.
Wil Wheaton

Just one thing to add here and that is inspire many more in the middle class and below to start small businesses. I do not mean startups such as those in Silicon Valley. I mean those that serve communities and neighborhood with a business owner who is identified with the business and close to both customers and employees. It is an important complement to reinvigorating unions and holding senior executives accountable. The latter will always be a battle, a worthy one but still it’s going up against a select few who know all the tricks to hold onto their position. The practical benefits of small business ownership are many. For example, an infrastructure initiative that favored small businesses collectively driving each project rather than a great big company that employs people for a short while and then they are out of work again. Or that subs work to small businesses but squeezes them on the margins. Add this piece and then you have a complete plan for a renewed Democratic party. I will remain a member no matter what but that plan would inspire me anew.

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