Between Our Eyes

The truth we lack in sight may come to us through our minds eye.

This entails that to be able to see this truth; mastering the art of self is important. Obviously the truth we are searching for is the truth of ourselves in relation to our own goals. While the feeling of accomplishment begs our attention, there is something we must do before we chase after the emotional aspect of our calling.

Before the chase of accomplishment begins we must know that the tools we are using are the appropriate ones to become the being we are trying to be. If we truly wish to become our pure ambitions; the path we take to get to our own personal destination is vital to the endgame.

I believe this path is made up of 2 parts, 1: The belief that the final goal is always available to expansion, and 2: Knowing what it takes to get there and willing to go farther.

Once this concept is established in our heads the next step is simply to execute our plans for success. The feelings we are searching for are here the ultimate perfection of what we seek must be lusted for, and we have the potential to accomplish such a feat.

(Art by @princessshaynabelle on instagram)

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