Lights In The Night

One common concept that is spoken of in the world of….speaking is the fact that different times of day affect a persons mood no matter the events occurring at the time. I am sure that most if not all people experienced this anomaly before in their lives. I would like to focus on this concept and pick apart the why, what, and bring out all of the positivity we can acquire from this.

To understand why this occurs we must understand the situation. So there is a man he wakes up, light pours in from the window in his single bedroom apartment. He feels the warmth of the sun and feels invigorated to get up and accomplish what he must do that day. Later he comes home from work, looks outside and sees only darkness…

From this analogy it seems that the colors of the sky are affecting this mans emotions, but of course this is not the case. The imperative purpose of all of this is the case of what the outlook of the concepts of light and darkness mean. In every movie, book, and any other media these two forces are constantly at war with each other. This is just a reflection of what we feel like in the very real world of our emotions. Every time we see dark we immediately think of something serious or brooding. In the same case on the other side of the coin when we observe light the immediate reaction is safety and the never ending struggle of blissful trust. This is a type of subliminal suggestive theory forcing its way into our subconscious throughout our daily lives for almost and endless amount of time.

To realize this seems pointless since it is part of our reality. We just can’t let something like a time of day tell us we can’t accomplish; that we can’t be positive and make a difference. This concept of since I’m done with my minimal task for the day means I don’t have to do anything. At. All. the rest of the day. I believe in bliss through accomplishment and peace through understanding. Bringing these two concepts together is the bringer or ultimate bliss in our personal reality.

(All art by @princessshaynabelle on instagram)

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