What can be Right

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Have you ever wondered if there was a right choice?

Because i have had an unsolvable dilemma way to many times, and sometimes making a right decision isnt an option. There are lots of differing paths to travel on in this world and not all of them will bring you to the place you want to go. One thing we do know is that there is more then one which will lead o=you to a positive place.

Is that not where we all want to end up?

We may have specific dreams, but we are never sure what will be the end result of different “right” decisions. If only we knew which would be our definite undoing, so we might have a slim chance of being on the right side of the equation. We watch our heroes on the TV being pushed to their “destiny” only to realize true heroes push themselves and create a destiny that wasn’t there before. I have written before about the way our emotion coincide with the underlying music around us in this post here -

- Sound of Persistence

- but there would be no world or reaction if not for the beauty of what we hear. If you do have spotify please listen to this playlist below whenever you feel the need to think, and not about the stupidity of the world which corrupts our purest of minds; but the times when thought wants to flow through you, and all you need to do is to feel it once, to let the gates of your mind be pushed open. Enjoy…


If you don’t have Spotify at least just listen to this track below and others like it, it will bring you to the place which all those smiles around you go to hide….

Ambre — Nils Frahm

Now that I have tried to give you a gift which has helped me discover previoulsy undiscoverable calmness, lets continue.


Even with all these confusing decisions clouding our judgment, deep down we know there is only one path to our personal destinies. This path ahs been traveled and traveled again, and we don’t see the truth which lies in every thought crossing our minds.

Don’t we know the answer to all of our troubles, and hasn’t the light defeated the dark?

Didn’t the good show the evil it was wrong time and time again?

The answer has been shown to us, but we refuse to see it. The only answer is that there is not answer but the one we make right. How can one root for the opposing team if they are indeed, the opposing team. The only way for conflict to be created is the decision of right and truth being the way to our happiness. What we use to help us love, ahs brought the hate which we can only try and pretend to hide.

We are right whatever we choose.

Originally Composed On —

Way of the Wise

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