Whispers of Another

Everybody has thoughts and feelings on every concept we hear. This is the way we cultivate our own ideas; by bringing in our personal experiences and the knowledge they gave us and adding that knowledge to the ideas we are listening too. It is a wonderful thing how we have the choice to believe and act upon what we choose. It’s one of the most under appreciated freedoms of humanity.

Now that we have an appreciation for the freedom we have let’s take a look at the concept of speaking falsely or negatively about someone. Imagine someone tells you something about a friend that isn’t so positive. Usually no matter who or what we are we will always have that little thought at the back of our minds gnawing away at our belief in our friend. So few words can do so much damage to ones self and ones relationships with the people closest to him/her.

So how do we stop this so called “automatic sub conscious” thought process we get when we think of the people we are told bad things about you ask? Well I thought you might ask that and the answer is right in the first paragraph of this article. All we need is the appreciation of the freedom of perception we are gifted with from birth, and we can all choose to see the truth.