The internet of the future is still unwritten
Centralized vs Decentralized — The Internet of the Past, Present and Future
Ryan Shea

I strongly hope (and believe) so. One remark regarding the graphic above: I do not agree that the internet has been centralized before. Actually, in its early times, the ARPAnet, it was quite de-centralized. At the moment we are experiencing a strong centralization especially with the big social media networks and cloud services (just consider how much less useful your smartphone is without a Google or Apple iCloud account).

The key to changing that will in my view not only be technology, but also and especially the impression of usefullness. That is, as long as people feel that the big providers provide them with high value they cannot easily get elsewhere, they will stay with them. Time to work on the latter part — and here I agree with your impressions and ideas.

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