Interaction and the exchange of ideas, thoughts, feelings, and other abstractness we share with people, people share with us always been a thing and a thing we are good at. A caveman might not know our modern languages with many many words but still they made babies you see, if not then how do we exist. So there always existed some or the other way of communication but now in our age, this era we took communication to whole new different level for a poor caveman should exclaim “wuhu!”, that’s becoming our thing right!

In this big big world what any of us seeks is stability, firstly our lives then we try to make other’s feel a little more special. There cannot be any other feeling that could replace the feeling we have when our shared picture get thousands of likes or shares or views or when our Youtube channel start to show ads. to people and we get paid for sharing us and letting people know us.(never had that feeling, not even once)

This is a ugly fact, in a world so beautiful with melting snow and decreasing forest, we are trying to earn, so we can settle with a fancy house or at least a house with a family, a car, etc. so that’s what a lot of us are aiming for. There are few ‘Divergents’, who got some extremely stupid goals like saving the world or eradicating poverty, and some more stupid stuff which everyone denies to call stupid but since the majority is not aiming for that then what do that suggest, it is stupid for most.

Let’s socialize little and stick to the heading…

With so many social networking destinations we have on internet and we want to stay active on each of them, the greed or a better decorated word the fear of being forgotten in this big vast world makes us use every single one of them because we have liberty to choose and to use it for free, if it’s for free then why shouldn’t I use every.

Just one question:

Even after this, how are you helping this world to be a better place?

If you have a real strong belief that you are then please do what you do but if this takes even few seconds for you to think then you need some quality time with yourself alone, away from anyone in this world because for you, it’s your life, it’s your story and you have to make it count for something bigger than you

I just wanted to do that.


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