3 Reasons Why Animated Character Perfect for Marketing Stories

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For many of us, Animated Characters take us to some very happy places. Whether it was video games, Saturday morning cartoons or our favorite animated films that got us started- animated heroes are all the proof we need that there is magic in the world.

The association between pleasant childhood memories and animated characters works remarkably well when used to tell marketing stories. Animated marketing videos embedded on a website boost visit times by an average of 2 minutes and help increase sales by 20% on average. For these reasons, and many more, consider using animated characters to tell your next marketing story.

W.K. Kellogg & Leo Burnett were attention hacking masters who used animated characters to turn cereal into the biggest success story in the modern food industry. Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal has used the Snap, Crackle and Pop gnomes for more than 80 years to make their brand memorable to children and parents.

Animated marketing videos aren’t always cheaper to make than live-action video- but there are many extra expenses that just aren’t there with animated video production. Brand characters can be created from scratch or licensed from a copyright holder so revisions can be done without return visits to locations or coordinating actors and shooting schedules.

In addition to being universally appealing, animated characters can be a more ‘human’ alternative to celebrity ambassadors. Art-in-motion can be pretty persuasive too. Viewers also understand they’re watching something that represents them. If the marketing story hooks, they won’t just identify with those characters but they will also feel more engaged with your brand. It’s ironic that the brands likeliest to use characters have come from highly commoditized sectors such as insurance, food and utilities AND were responsible for some of the most memorable campaigns in the advertising world.

It’s been proven many times over that cartoons can capture consumer affection and remind us that anything is possible! Brands looking for a way to switch things up should consider animated characters as a way to stand out and build connection with their audience.

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