5 EASY Ideas to Get Started With LIVE Streaming

Law Jackson
Jul 21, 2017 · 4 min read
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Thanks to social media platforms with billions of daily active users our voices can reach hundreds and potentially millions of people around the world for little or nothing. How exciting! But what in the world do we say with our new found powers of reach and influence?

It’s perfectly understandable to clench up at the idea of going LIVE- and to be perfectly honest, some people are more suited for this than others. The anxiety of speaking in front of a camera or a live audience is not unlike the paralyzing fear of public speaking and the route to overcome this will not be the same for everyone. Probably the first thing to consider is- is going LIVE even worth it?

In short the answer is YES! MOST CERTAINLY!

There Are a Few Good Reasons to Conquer Your Stage-fright.

• Live streaming is delivering spectacular results for brands and events that you won’t want to miss out on.

• Live Videos are watched 3x longer than posted content.

• Going LIVE on a regular basis strengthens the community being built around your identity or brand.

• Video streaming is more engaging than standard video because live feedback allows audience members to participate in the conversation as it’s taking place.

• Live streaming doesn’t cost anything

If these reasons aren’t enough to fully convince you, then perhaps some low key ideas will.

5 Chill Approaches to LIVE Streaming

2. Stream an Interview with an Expert in Your Industry
You might be surprised at the kinds of amazing people you already know! Check your network for someone of interest for an impromptu interview. Chances are that you’ll boost your reputation, establish your brand as an authority and reach new audiences. Most professionals pride themselves in their accomplishments and technical know-how and would love to share what they know. Bringing a fresh voice to the attention of colleagues and associates in your industry could be just the spark that your brand needs to level up!

3. Stream a Journal, Reaction or Rant
Current events, hot news and industry trends always set off great discussions. If you would just begin to share your views and opinions you might find that your network finds your point of view helpful, or provocative! Of course, it is almost alwyas best to prepare an outline of topics you’d like to talk about, but the design of LIVE video is spur-of-the-moment inspiration. You could always practice recording and posting your monologues as a way to build a bridge to going LIVE.

4. Stream a Q & A Session
Use a live stream app that allows for written correspondences during your session to get audiences participating in the conversation. Promote your live video stream event a few weeks in advance to ramp up anticipation. Present questions your customers frequently ask, or questions that position your product or service as the solution.

5. Stream a Guided Tour of the World Around You
It is typical for people to give themselves less credit than they deserve. Your network likely consists of people from near and far. How about sharing a little bit about where you work, live or play? If it’s appropriate, include those in your environment to help describe where you work and what you do. Those nearby will enjoy seeing familiar settings and those who live and work far away will welcome the view into world that is different than their own.

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Getting into LIVE streaming isn’t easy, but not because it’s technically hard or expensive. The misfortune of appearing unprepared or incompetent could have irrecoverable professional or social consequences. This can be pretty easily prevented by rehearsing and being as prepared as possible and scheduling regular times to go LIVE. Practice makes perfect.

Here are a few tips you might find helpful:

• Be other-centered in your approach; see your efforts as a way of really helping and serving your audience.

• Remember that participants really want to hear what you have to say; they’re there because it is important for them to hear what you have to say.

• Let a few trusted colleagues know about your stream ahead of time to guarantee support and a positive atmosphere.

• Practice and review video recordings of yourself to build up to your LIVE streams; start with an audio journal if video is overwhelming.

• Commit to sharing about things you are deeply passionate about on a regular basis.

• Collect a list of other LIVE streamers and vloggers who inspire you to do your own.

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If you aren’t streaming LIVE in order to connect with your audience, customers or loved ones I hope these ideas were helpful to spark the start of that. And if you have been streaming LIVE I hope you might have found a fresh take on your program.

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