What is Kinetic Text?

Kinetic Text, better known as Kinetic Typography, is a style of motion graphics animation that features letterforms as the main characters. Letters, words and sentences dance on and off screen in rhythm to spell out a message or tell a story. This unique presentation category can be seen in commercials, sports channel openers, movie credits and how-to videos.

I dubbed my creative services business Kinetic Text to convey that the presentations we bring to life through animation are alive in both the sense of motion and in their literary sense.


At one time VIDEO was something only created for super stars by big studios, but now much our world is seen, heard and spoken through the language of video. I want to provide fluency in the language of the day in all of its mesmerizing forms in a way that’s fun and memorable.

I spent most of my career as an animation artist so it was difficult to transfer describing myself in terms of my talent into ‘what I could do for others’. After some time I found moved in the direction to provides full service video production and à la carte creative services. I think the best part of my work is showing my clients their vision come to life under the skill and care of me and my team.