What Should You Look For When Hiring an Animated Video Producer for Marketing Video?

A Video Producer isn’t just for music videos and feature films anymore. On Facebook alone hundreds of million hours of videos are watched every day and video ads make up 35% of total online ad spending. Marketing stories appeal to viewers of all ages and interests as shown by 65% of C-Level executives visiting a vendor’s website after watching a video.

As video becomes a regular part of the marketing toolset a new role to become familiar with is that of the Marketing Video Producer. Similar to a feature film Producer, the Marketing Video Producer makes sure production goes smoothly while managing crews and budgets.

Producers will also be in charge of sourcing all the assets needed for a project to be completed whether this is software, art materials or equipment. There are times when a Producer may be required to source the budget as well which would mean having an understanding of production cost and negotiating skills when talking to investors. If the project is running late or over budget the Producer is responsible for explaining the causes and getting the project back on track.

A Producer’s real skill is to answer upstairs demands and restraints while fostering artistic freedom to the production team.


The production workflow for Animated Video Production is very different from Live Action Video Production. Live Action Video is recorded with lights, rigs, camera crews and most importantly, on-screen talent who must deliver an actual performance. Animation teams and motion graphics professionals create and edit everything digitally.

A capable Video Producer can manage both type of projects, but if you have the chance, it’s a good idea to engage a Producer who specializes in the type of production you need. What to look for in an Animated Marketing Video Producer:

• Well organized
• Excellent communication skills
• Both process and results focused
• A good sense of business and finance
• Manages the production budget well
• Solves problems creatively and logically
• Keeps the team motivated from start to finish 
• Inspires creativity regardless of budget and deadline
• Thoroughly understands the animation production process
• Has an in-depth knowledge of codes of practice and compliance