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Bolt, which is a piece of metal rod whose one end is unsettled and other end is threaded and nut rolling on these threads, forms a major link in the family of industrial fasteners and are used by every industry. The demand for nut and bolts, available in various shapes, designs and sizes is increasing as the raw material for the product is easily and indigenously available of which the main raw material is mild steel wire coil/rod of required diameter. The recommended composition of materials that controls the quality of the bolts and nuts is given as: Carbon 0.22 to 0.23%, Phosphorus 0.40%, Manganese 0.39 to 0.60%, Sulphur 0.50%.

Hands on into the process:

Lawa Fasteners specializes in nut formation process with it total nut forging capacity of 15 million pcs/ month. Classification of nuts and bolts can be based on: their use and shape of head, but as per usage the various types of nuts and bolts can be: Larger dia bolts, machine bolts, stand bolts, joint bolts, foundation bolts and nuts etc. in terms of shape, bolt and nuts are classified by head shape like hexagonal head, square head, round head, pan head, truss head etc. Some of the Items that currently produced include: std. hex nuts, collar/flange Nuts, weld Nuts, prevailing Torque Nuts, wheel Nuts, t-nuts, self lock Nuts, hydraulic Cap Nut etc. This Nut manufacturers Pune branch looks into a bigger picture of the process and the flow is as below:

Process Flow Chart (M.S. Bolts), Mild steel rod, Bolt cutting, Head making, Head trimming, Thread rolling, Polishing, Store/despatch, Process Flow Chart (H.T. Bolts), Mild steel rod, Wire drawing, Bolt cutting, Forging, Trimming, Threading, Heat treatment (800OC — 900OC), Tempering (400OC — 500OC), Plating/Coating, Store/despatch.

Looking into the market potential aspect the demand of nuts and bolts is influenced by factors like: Transportation industries, Railways, aircraft, wagon, bicycles, automobile, body builders, etc., Electrical industries like manufacturing of transformer, electric motors, fans etc., Building activities such as construction of bridges, fabrication of various steel structure etc., Other heavy and light industries, steel and wooden furniture’s, machine tools, agricultural machines and agricultural implements etc. The market demand is getting directly proportionate to the development of these industrial segments with the usage of various types of MS and HT nuts and bolts in these sectors.


This Bolt manufacturers Pune is focussed to produce high quality fasteners and parts for automotive and non-automotive applications through its commitment to total customer satisfaction and continual improvement. Product and process improvement, supplier development, employee skill enhancement, service quality, strict adherence to QMS requirement are the initiatives to bring in quality products on customers plate. Hex Screws/Bolts, Rivets, Studs & Pins with supply in both STD and FINE pitch are amongst the products of Lawa. In the process of bolt formation, M.S. Round is the major raw materials which are sometimes rusty and not perfectly round and straight, thereby it becomes necessary to make them round which are pickled in the acid tanks, washed and drawn in a drawing machine. On the other hand, manufacture of nuts requires the hexagonal rod of desired size, which are finally immersed in polishing barrel.