A New Generation, A New Fiddle — The Rise and Imminent Fall of MMM
O. Olabode, CFA

Good job Lekan. Well written.

“These are hard times, we should make sound choices”…The painful thing is rational and sound choices do not come with hard times, i am sure your childhood friend in the story is a professional. Even CFAs are ‘playing MMM’(note my use of play cos MMM is in the same net with the likes of nairabet and ‘baba ijebu.

Some will even argue with you that the present Government in Nigeria is the biggest Ponzi scheme…doing more than 30% on all parameters to the extent of increased price of Gala.

“Ultimately, MMM will fail — the only uncertainty is “WHEN”. We can only pray that it crashes NOW, at least, to save further loss of billions by Nigeria and Nigerians to a foreigner at this very moment that we are begging for foreign investments.

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