Content-wise, the album begins where Drake is in a conscious state, realizing he is not receiving the same magnitude of affection he’s giving. Packaged breakfast by the same prodigal woman, who always comes back when she sees the grass ain’t greener on the other side.

It’s funny because later on the album, the female was identified to be a stripper, which is a tailor-made profession for gold-digging. And he realizes he has to leave this poisonous relationship, and somehow he wishes the female gets emotionally hurt because of his decision. It’s kind of weird too because even though he has identified her manipulative patterns, lowkey he’s still addicted. Apparently, for him, love is pain.
Drake is a certified lover boy and he’s back in the streets, looking for affection again, or maybe a distraction from the hangover of the previous relationship. He makes the new girl think he’s unworthy of her, but I know that tactic: the pity-play. All the elite fuckboys use it before they attack their prey, and Drake has mastered the art. Like I said earlier, It’s all a ploy to emotionally hurt his ex.

It’s a game he loses at some point, because a longing for past times with his ex starts to torment him.
Somewhere in the middle of this album, maybe realizing his subject matter was becoming boring (which is a nice word for it by the way), he changes the topic to random things like his life and career in general, Thugger’s imprisonment, and the late Virgil Abloh. Leemao.

Then he continues with the annoying nostalgic bickering of wanting his ex at the beginning of the second half of the album. He called their relationship divine. Look at this simp. The same relationship that was torturing you as you noted earlier? Future will be ashamed of you mahn.

I was not surprised the female was a stripper though; apart from a few celebrities, his music history has proved that is where his dating range is. From Maliah Michel and Bria Myles to whoever is presently working the pole best, the man always has the first option.
What a horrible experience.

Now to the enjoyability of this album.

Currents was dried meat. Calling My Name was even worse. Flight’s Booked was corny as hell. Tie That Binds? Yuck.

Massive was good, but it was a cheap attempt to make music for those bodyhug-wearing fuckboys that become in touch with their emotions in the clubs. I also really hate it whenever anyone says 'woh woh' on a song; it really grinds my gears.

Drake is not a great singer. He’s okay, but he’s no Usher. To hit the bulls eye, he has to add strong emotions. On this album, all his shortcomings as a singer were laid bare.
'I know deep down you feel the same' at the beginning of the album did not hit alaye. Shift.

You see how the song elevated when he stepped it up later on the song, Falling Back.

Text Go Green and Overdrive, has fine song names, but otherwise, was decent.

Sticky, which wasn't that great by the way, had some of the best moments on this album.
Downhill was a fine song; one of the few songs Drake can hold his head high.
I like his flow and application on Liability. It's crazy he made the finest song here without using his real voice.
Jimmy Cooks was nice. It seems Drake started reviving his soul at the end of this album. But it was already late.

The production sounded cheap, and the quality average at best; not something that is usually synonymous with Drake's music. Corny charisma. And who told him to sing on all songs bar one? Awful.

Honestly, this joint was a hard listen; not with all the fine albums out there. Drake said he'll wait for listeners to catch up. All I will say is, it might take forever for me, cuz I'm not feeling this trypanosomiasis music.

This is as bad as his Scorpio album. Okay maybe slightly better.




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The Music CGPA

The Music CGPA


I give opinions about albums my ears come across and rate it with numbers not disimilar from a grade point average.