Donald Trump and The Definition of Insanity
Shane Snow

Disability discrimination is at its worst when mental health professionals with fuse their professional power with political ideology. We have had psychopathic presidents before. A non neurotypical can run the country, and psych professionals said nothing even when there were grave consequences. President Bush Jr. callously lied to the world and destroyed the entire nation of Iraq to further his own personal enrichment. American mental health professionals did not call him out as a psychopath because Bush Jr.’s lie that killed millions and drove out country into trillions of dollars of debt did not threaten them or their political ideology. The lack of feeling the need to diagnose or disclose based on Tasseroff in Bush Jr.’s case, and feeling of need to disclose in the case of Trump is then obviously based on the fact that Trump’s political ideology threatens them more than obliterating the entire nation of Iraq. Covertly racist, encourages negative sterotypes about mentally ill people being dangerous, and very, very SAD.