Please Sir, May I Say A Few Words About Rape Culture?
Caitlin Johnstone

Caity, you rock. You rock and roll, even. I love your political writing and turn to you first everywhere I belong.

That was the sugar. Now, well… I *beg* you to let go of this BS with CounterMunch. IMHO, the more you reply to them or talk about them, the more you give them power over you.

FUCK THEM. Fuck them and the ships they sailed in on. And the horses they rode in on. And… yeah, all of that. No matter how ‘big’ they feel, they are petty fools to have attacked you — and it’s obvious to anyone who reads both sides.

What they’ve done, actually, is to make you more famous. People on CounterCrunch will wonder, Who is this horrible woman? — and they’ll come here, read your stuff, and fall in love.

But that is less likely to happen if you keep talking about CounterDump. Again, this is my feeling.

MOVE ON. Seriously. You win so hard it’s not even funny, and they lose!!! Totally. Get back to what you do better than anyone else!

❤ ❤ ❤

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