The Real Reason You Can’t Understand Why Black Americans Are Furious
Clay Rivers

I enjoyed this piece until the religion started. I’m allergic to that. However, I do think you write very well.

My take in this, since you asked (haha), is that racists lack one thing: *willingness* to change. They won’t perform those little mental exercises because they aren’t *willing* to feel compassion. They damn well know what they’re doing is wrong, evil, and heinous! They do not want to have that pointed out to them. It messes with their entire lives.

In general, which I know is bad, but still… racists live in racist families, neighborhoods, communities, churches… schools, stores, banks… they don’t have to even see Black people most of the time. It’s easier to maintain that a Black people aren’t human, if you never have to actually deal face-to-face with them. *Get to know them* and you cannot maintain that hatred.

Now. In the communities these racists inhabit, it would result in ostracism, shunning, maybe even violence, to even be *willing* to change. Dad, or your peers, would whip it out of you.

So the key is willingness. And in my experience, nobody — *nobody *— becomes willing to change until their actions have repeated and painful consequences.

I have no idea how to make that happen. I guess you believe God will help you if you pray and behave well. I however fail to see any evidence whatsoever that God gives a heck.

*Willingness* is the key.

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