Embracing research in Nigeria

Research is a fundamental tool. One that allows us understand ourselves, our environment, and propose solution to problems. Without research it is difficult to chart a course for development. In fact, research-driven societies are usually the most successful.

It is on the back of these fundamentals Aphriapub rides - with the mandate to promote access to research by Nigerians. By making Nigerian research journals available online, we become part of the problem-solving chain since these research are enquiries into societal problems, usually containing solutions.

We champion free open access, meaning every material we host can be accessed without a cost to the end user. The OJS platform which we use allows us to be part of a global movement which promotes knowledge-driven societies.

Aphriapub is more than a repertoire of research articles. Our vision is to raise the stake of local research - a task that implies we will try our best to ensure stakeholders see relevant publications; we will make research resonate with the public; companies and organisations will come to appreciate local academic output.

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