Hello from California Part 79.

Cool Cat!.

How to be cool. Try this …

You walk into a lunch room and your scan the room for people you know and when you find the person you know and you want to have lunch with You take a seat next to him or her.

You check out what he or she is having for lunch and you scan for something you like.

Then you lick your lips and go into action and you say, “Hey, there’s Mr. Johnson (our boss) and you point in that direction. When he or she turns to look, you go into action. When he or she turns back to you, their french fries, cake or fruit is gone.

You say, “Thanks, that was yummy!”.

If he or she looks at you and smile and laugh then he or she thinks your cool.

If he or she looks at you like who the hell are you, then you’d better apologize and say you’re sorry.

Whatever you do, play it off. If an apology does not work, give it back, smile and walk away.