How Law Firms Get New Cases From People Who Say “No.”

Most people don’t marry on their first date.

People hardly ever buy at their first website visit.

Because “NO” is in our DNA.

Don’t be offended, it’s normal.

We’re supposed to say no, it’s in our DNA.

95% of potential clients look at 5 to 7 lawyer websites before making a decision.

Many individuals looking for an attorney spend weeks researching their legal problems.

When they finally land on your law firm’s website they soon leave and never come back. That’s a hard reality.

You know that most sales require persistence.


This is where retargeting (also called remarketing) comes in.

You may or may not have heard of this online marketing term.

As your (one-time) visitors research legal issues, go on Facebook or read the news, your ads follow them around.

With well-executed sequenced retargeting ads your online conversions will increase fast.

Move down the decision path

When these online visitors later come back to your site they are at a further stage in their decision-making process.

Again, you follow them around with your best content.

You can dominate your market if you use this strategy right.

At a fraction of the cost of a regular new case acquisition.

If you “follow” your one-time visitor very well, then he/she will be happy to see your ads.

There always should be a logical “next step” in this “follow around” strategy.

Do NOT show the same ad all the time

You cannot keep showing the same ad over and over again.

Most law firms do not use retargeting. The ones who do usually show the same ad all the time.

No sequencing. No filters whatsoever. That is not smart.

You need to get those one-time visitors back to relevant sequenced content pieces.

We guide the visitors to the next phase till they are ready at some point to schedule an appointment with you.

Most money comes from quitters

If you do this right, most of the money you will make comes from the 98% who left your site on their first visit without taking any action.

I’ve seen many campaigns go from unprofitable to profitable by implementing this tactic.

Implementing sequenced follow-up campaigns with retargeting is not an option.

At least if you’re serious about your online marketing.

Here’s what to do next.

I’ve given a brief explanation of how and why you should design a customized retargeting campaign for your law firm.

Now, you or your team needs to put this in place for your practice.

To do this right, it sounds easier than it is.

For me it’s easier, because I do this everyday.

You’re skeptical whether this works for your law firm?

Or are you wondering if this article is some sales tactic to hire us?

You are right because this article is bait.

Despite that, I hope you still learned something.

Because this is how we attract great law firm clients.

We run smart sequenced retargeting campaigns for brilliant lawyers.

Before you schedule an appointment, there is a “catch” though…

First, we don’t work with any law firm, and we, sometimes, limit acceptance by geographical area.

So, if your “spot” in your area is already taken, we’re sorry.

The second catch is that this is very time sensitive…

We’re a small company and can only help a handful of law firms each month.

If you want to implement retargeting properly for your law firm, then let’s talk.

We’ve scheduled a time to design a customized retargeting campaign for your law firm.

Using the methods as described in this article, with sequenced messaging, etc.

We’ll even design this campaign for you for free.

If that sounds like something you’re open for, then go here before all available spots are taken.


Short version:

We design a customized sequenced retargeting campaign for free.

Customized for your law firm.

We have limited availability, because we are the best at what we do.

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