How Do I Remember The ENTIRE Constitution Of India?

5 simple ways to develop a Super Human memory

Adv.Sidharth Arora

Observations over the last 12 Years

For over 12 years I have trained thousands of UPSC aspirants all over India in countless classrooms.Many of them are Bureaucrats serving in various capacities.Most of them are still in touch with me either as a former teacher or as a practising Advocate in the Supreme Court.

Either ways,I recall,there’s not been a single classroom I have entered over these last several years which did not want to know the entire Constitution of India …cover to cover.

Anyone of the readers who has learnt from me in the classroom would know for a fact that I remember the constitution ‘clause by clause’.

What’s the success percentage?

Truth be said,not many have succeeded in this attempt despite the fact that this endeavour does have the potential of reaping tremendous benefit both in your examinations and later in your career even if God forbid…you don’t make through CSE.

Let us appreciate the magnitude of this endeavour:

• The Constitution of India is the Lengthiest written Constitution in the world.

• 445 Articles (some may differ!…let them)

• 12 Schedules

• The complexity of legal language.

All these add up to an herculean task.

So,many of us remember 30–35 odd articles and bid the rest goodbye,hiding under the warm cover of advises such as “you need strong concepts only” coming from ‘have-beens’ & ‘no-goods’ who are abundant in our environment.

What good is it to Remember the Constitution?

Before I answer this question,let us spend a minute on the following questions.

  • Which are the 5 longest rivers in India?
  • What are the chief raw materials of steel industry?
  • Who were the last 10 Presidents of USA ?
  • Where in India would you find most coal deposits?

One may ask-Is there any use knowing the answers to the aforementioned questions? You can,of course look them up in an Year Book or Google them up.Also these questions seemingly look unrelated to each other in any way.

So why are we tested on such trivia in almost all competitive exams and in fact through our school G.K. Exams too?

The answer to this lies in the way our brain works.

We have a brain made up of nerve cells called neurons which carry information in the form of chemicals through them.

Even small insects and animals have neurons.

But we the Homo sapiens are more intelligent than animals(allegedly!).Why?

Because our neurons branch and connect to one another forming networks like in the picture below.

So each nerve cell carrying one type of information connects to another neuron,ultimately producing an output completely different from where we started.

For eg. In the answer to the questions (which I won’t be giving respecting you,the audience)…one of the end results could be summed up in one paragraph.

USA is amongst the largest steel consumer of the world.India has large amounts of Iron deposits which can be converted to steel for which we will need large amounts of coal and water.So we must set up steel industry in regions where all these resources are found together.However the question -should we or shouldn’t we set up such industries must be corroborated with what were our relations with USA over the last 50 years depending on whether a Democrat or a Republican President was in power.This will help us decide whether such a venture will be useful to India or not.’

All this from 4 ‘unrelated’ facts. Phew!!!!

I hope you’ve got the point.

Facts get assimilated in time and show up the Big Picture.

Merely looking up or ‘Googling’ doesn’t do any Good at all to your so called ‘Concepts’.

Going back in time you will find that almost all Great men had tremendous memorisation powers.

  • Swami Vivekananda could memorise a book in one reading.
  • Tesla and Leonardo Vinci are the examples of photographic memory.
  • President Bill Clinton remembers names of all his college friends and US government officials even today.
  • Nani Palkhiwala and Ram Jethmalani have never been seen carrying files while arguing even on complex legal issues for hours.

# Any of you who wishes to cross check…please feel free.

Once a billion facts are safely encapsulated in your brain,then in time you start churning out derivatives and new meanings by permutations and combinations.

This is called as ‘Swadhyaya’ in vedic ways of education.

This is the secret which isn’t a secret.

In the Next part of the series I will share with you how you too can increase your memory to the extent that dazzles the audience.

I am nowhere close to the great men I have mentioned herein but in no small measure I have improved over the last several years.

And as they say…Life is a journey.Make it count!

PS-Comment if you want any special tips with regards to learning and remembering the constitution.Will tweak accordingly

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