Pardon My Interruption: A Primer for Evolution + Innovation

My mind tends to race, and when it does, the world plays in slooooow mooootion. Many a neophyte has dismissed this as mere ADHD; it’s possible (until you see me work 18 hours straight, zero breaks, repeatedly).

There are few activities that meet whatever threshold of mental paroxysm; day trading, or any deluge of data laden with calculations. I expend a great deal of effort quieting my mind lest it rampage like the Hulk, and at best, it keeps me up until the wee hours of dawn.

At worst, I rant. One polemic (or tweetstorm) after another (Exhibit A). Conversations become a frustratingly under-evolved form of asymmetric serial communication. I attempt to have a dozen conversations simultaneously: reply to my last question while I fill you in on eleven more points.

I’m full of interjections not to cut conversation short — although some may be far too slow at times — but in an attempt to stimulate multiple conversations and tangents simultaneously.

Try it, quietly.

Let’s push the boundaries of verbal communication. Let’s receive multiple thoughts at once (assuming all mothers already do this). Let’s communicate in new ways. Let’s listen more broadly. Let’s read faster. Let’s challenge our limits. Let’s let go of paradigms. Let’s open up.

We humans are rather myopic and uninventive, and specialized to be so. We’re presumably born with a rather nebulous unformed observation of what we call existence; we fabricate our own explanations and supplement or even supplant the ordinary with the imagination.

Somehow this imagination dies over the years. While some may view this as a gradual wane, I regard it as a rather unfortunate and intentionally gruesome bludgeoning.

We create so much structure that it either molds our existence into a container or it simply trims what doesn’t fit. How inanely binary.

We must live, eat, think, breathe, flatulate, ideate, opine, _______ a certain way.

In order to fit into society, we must not only speak a certain language, but in a specific cultural context.

Instead, let’s play with more Play-Doh! Metaphorical and literal. Let’s forget about how things are supposed to be done! Let’s be more open-minded! Let’s embrace diversity! Let’s embrace experimentation! Let’s cross-pollinate ideas! Let’s embrace unconventional! Let’s progress! Let’s evolve!

This is part of a lifelong autopsy of imagination and innovation.