Phonetic Table for Trolls

Lawrence Ham
Nov 25, 2015 · 1 min read

Maybe you’re having a bad day, the customer service rep is being abrasive, the customer is being a donkey, or you’re just a perennial miscreant. At any rate, here you go.

a as in aisle
b as in bdellium
c as in challa
d as in djembe
e as in ewe
f as in finagle
g as in gnocchi
h as in hour
i as in Iago
j as in jalapeno
k as in knew
l as in llamar
m as in mnemonic
n as in new
o as in opossum
p as in pterodactyl
q as in queue
r as in right
s as in scintillate
t as in tsunami
u as in ukelele
v as in verisimilitude (see what I did there)
w as in wring
x as in xylophone
y as in Yvette
z as in zoo, welcome to it.

Lawrence Ham

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founder @rentallco. partner @amplfyHQ. board @gflaorg + @globalteenproj. @startingbloc fellow. satirist. advisor.