Startups: Answer Compelling Questions

TL;DR: We have countless compelling questions every day and the best products and apps serve as the best answers.

Figure in parentheses = monthly active users/unique visits. Consumer-facing only.

Q: Where should I eat today?
A: Yelp (142M)

Q: What should I listen to?
A: Pandora (79.4M), Spotify (75M)

Q: What should I watch?
A: Netflix (69M)

Q: How will I get to _________?
A: Google Maps (76.4M), Waze (50M)

Q: How will I reach Sarah in London?
A: WhatsApp (900M), WeChat (650M)

Q: What are my friends doing?
A: Facebook (1.55B), Instagram (400M), Snapchat (200M)

Q: Where can I get this item cheapest + quickest?
A: Amazon (188M)

Q: Where can I bookmark this image?
A: Pinterest (100M)

Q: Where can I find the cheapest hotel?
A: Priceline (40M)

Q: Where can I find the cheapest flights?
A: Expedia (16M)

Q: How will I get to the bar?
A: Uber (8M)

Q: What is love?
A: Google (1.17B)

Q: [insert compelling question]
A: [your app]