Why to Landscape Your Home and Commercial Places

Before going to brief about it, you might want to know, which is the best period for landscaping project?

When we hear about landscaping, the word instantly strike in our mind that is “Spring” the best time of the year to get started. Many part of the country are landscaping in this year only. If you are planning to landscape your home or commercial places then it will result into best season for it.

Generally landscaping is a profession or a process of manipulating environment for peace of mind and makes it look attractive and pleasing for people to work in a certain ways. There are many companies in market available for landscaping your home, my home and several other commercial sites. Now if you have little knowledge about different types of soil and plants then it’s your choice to make work done by yourself or want to hire a expert landscaping company.

Again, you are wondering about what kind of services this expert landscaping company will offers you. Just stay tuned to get your answer, better listed below.

Services of common landscape companies

The landscape company proffers a wide range of services to residential and commercial customers. Once you have decided to hire a landscape company then you are free from your lawn and garden regular maintenance services.

1) Fertilization

2) Tree removal and trimming

3) Irrigation services

4) Water management

5) Landscape installation

6) Hardscaping services

7) Landscape maintenance

Initial Planning

Now if you have planned to hire a landscape company then it’s necessary to arrange a meeting with them to talk about your ideas and wishes. He will highlight you the best design according to your choice. If you don’t have any idea about its design, you don’t have to worry they will ask you some questions regarding your choices and then they will best define you about the design.

Initial planning is the root process for landscaping your site in which you have to clear your vision of the project by determining its scope, dimensions and budget.


If you have planned design by yourself then discuss it with your landscape designer and architects, they will best guide you and if you have not determined about its design then they will provide you best plan with strategic approach and design of landscaping. Now, if you want your site to be look pleasing by more designing, then landscape designer and architects will charge money on it according to your requirements, and it will be totally depend on your need.

Now they will analyze your overall site condition for the most appropriate use of landscaping plants, construction materials and hardscaping different products. Further, if your client wants more designing structure and digital models then it charges some fees according to your needs.

Installation Process

Now after finalizing the design, the next procedure includes installation process, which required desired tools and materials for landscaping your site.

Basic tools generally used by every professional for installing an irrigation system are listed below.

· Round and Square pointed shovel blades

· Mattock

· Broom

· Landscape rake

· PVC pipe cutter

· Pipe wrench

· Latex and work gloves

· Measuring tape

· Riser extractor

· Trencher machine used to dig trenches, especially for placing cables and pipes for installing drainage for trench conflict, etc.

Once the proposal signed with deposit amount then the team will start working on it with their tools and techniques. First, they will analyze your site’s social, ecological and soil conditions. Other then this they will look after the planting process so that you can receive guaranteed and stunning result on it’s look and feel.


Maintenance process generally focuses on keeping your yard or any commercial site in clean, pleasing, stunning and beautiful condition. As you know, maintenance is the key to sustain natural beauty. Maintenance process includes inspecting any irrigation leaks and tree trimming and many others according to the issues.

Above, you have seen listing of the maintenance services offered by landscape companies. Now you will get short description about some maintenance services.

1. Fertilization

Fertilization plays major role in performing landscape maintenance in which topmost soil is remove and supply nutrients to the subsoil to make it new topmost soil.

The types of fertilizer you choose must be depend on types of plants you are going to fertilize. Generally, both Plants and woody ornamental requires nutrients to live and thrive.

2. Tree removal and trimming

With best equipment's, it’s easy to perform task of tree removal and trimming. It is used for the purpose of safety and healthy life.

3. Irrigation services

Landscape Company will provide you best services for long lasting, eco friendly and water-efficient irrigation systems. Primarily they hear your needs, then inspect your site, determine water pressure and volume and at last they will prepare formal site design.