First published on A Modern Cantus.

pass and turn into memories
 of looking at the stars
 longingly searching
 for patterns
 in life that
 tell one to
 find destiny in the
 screens of modernity
 where fathers hold
 daughters like ornaments
 on trees
 and dangle them hopelessly
 to the highestmost tiers
 and pretend they make light
 like the illuminated stars.

Days pass and she finds that
 her starlight is plugged from
 a hidden cord
 at the base of the tree
 and the father pretends
 and lies all along
 that the star makes its own
 just like the sun
 but she is the moon,
 and breaks down the tree,
 it crashes and
 the ornaments reflect
 the mirror, the light of the stars
 they flicker and break
 while she turns away
 and shows her face
 as the other side
 of the moon
 and teaches her father
 the truth about stars.