Events Photography

Typically I wouldn’t consider events photography whatsoever, but in the past when I was at college I was asked by my tutor if I could photograph an event for a family celebrating the husband’s 10th year as CEO, their 15th wedding anniversary, and their daughters’s 21st and 18th birthday. It was a big event which I was not prepared for ( There was a fairytale theme and everyone had to be photographed at least once, and also capture speeches, and anything else that unfolded that would be a great reminder in the family album. Needless to say, I got the job done (wasn’t too scary actually!). Sadly the event page ‘no longer exists’, but the odd image can be found through a google search of my name.

The second one, one that I’m embarrassed though partially proud of, was when I photographed Carousel London’s event Mile High Andalusia, a formal dinner with entertainments. The first night of the week long event had all kinds of highly well known people from magazines to fashion brands. Flashgun broke (typical) on the first night so ended up resorting to a tissue in front of the built in flash. By some miracle Tatler ended up using my images

Again, wasn’t too scary once I got the ball rolling, and with no Photoshop to edit the images properly I got away lucky, something to remember in the future: always have a backup for equipment, but also have the essentials to be a photographer. No good giving RAW images to a client who can do nothing with it.