Fate versus Free Will

Fate versus Free Will

There has always been a question of whether or not we have been predestined to a fate. Although we are told our fates are not predestined many times it is hard to believe. We struggle valiantly against the “fate” that heads our way. We cannot engineer our fate and that is why there is the question of free will.

If we have free will and are free to chose the path we take why does it seem that fate catches up to us no matter how much we try to avoid her ?

Although we have free will we have been preprogrammed to thwart our own will subconsciously!

You say, “How can this be ? As a rational personal I make rational choices using my free will!”

I ask you one simple question, “Upon what information do you base your free will choices?”

If you answer that you consider every factor in your consciousness stream I will answer you that you are clearly delusional.

Most of our “choices” revolve around our personal preferences and many of our personal preferences are based on what feels right rather than a carefully calculated rational decision.

As a matter of fact if we attempted to make every decision in a rational scientific manner we would find ourselves contemplating our lives away just like Indra who set there contemplating his navel throughout eternity.

Since we make so many choices without rationally considering all the factors we are bound to overlook certain factors. It is actually a requirement of rational decision making to eliminate factors that do not seem to be controlling factors. Variables must be kept to a “reasonable” number and that reasonable number is the exact same number as the number of variables that you can keep track of at any time.

Therefore, as you can see, we make decisions all the time WITHOUT considering those factors that we have pre-concluded are of little or no significance to the problem at hand.

But as we are focused on the problem at hand we may have overlooked certain distant factors that may catch up with us.

These factors come at us as fate.

The truth is we all have to make choices and we all like to think we factor in all the variables but in truth we do not.

And that, my friends, is where the concept of fate came into being.