Case Study

Central Camera For The Soul

Central Camera For The Soul is a family owned camera company, photographic emporium. Based in Seattle, Washington since 1899.

Business Details

This project is built for customers to look for cameras, lenses and studio lights. Customers can sign up and receive updates about new cameras added and lenses.

User Details

The main mission for this website is to get customers to sign up and get updates, discounts, announcements about events.

Website Details

I always wanted to re-design and help business with their website. When I started searching for websites to work with, I came across Central Camera’s website, which was built in 1997 and hasn’t been updated since. So I decided to re-design the website from scratch. It’s not a full website yet, right now it’s just a landing page. To create the project , I used Tachyons CSS, a great css framework that creates fast loading, highly readable, and 100% responsive interfaces.


I made a wireframe using Sketch. This is my first using sketch and it’s a really good program to create a wireframe. I watched several youtube tutorial videos on sketch. After creating a few wireframe, I came up with something that I really liked to start off my project.

Final Results


The project was a great opportunity to work on a full design and development process. Through out the project I faced a couple of challenges and made some mistakes on a different numbers of areas — design, time management, process and development. Through these challenges, I learned a lot and won’t be repeating the same mistakes.

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