Why I need peace

Since 2007 I find myself worried during every general election period. It was horrible and devastating time for me and my country Kenya. There were widespread demonstrations and violence after the hugely disputed presidential election that saw thousands of people lose their lives.

I have always been lucky that when something terrible happens, I’m always safe somewhere else. I will not struggle to remember the occurrences though my entire family back then were all in the village in Western Kenya. Some parts of the country were extremely volatile according to reports from the media.

As much as I was not directly affected by the violence; I could not hide my frustrations to learn that people were actually killing each other. As if killing was not enough, property was shamelessly looted, families were disintegrated and displaced, homes were destroyed and much more worse happened.

I have never left Kenya to any other place in the world since birth and I’m happy to have been born and lived here despite the challenges we face as Kenyans. Everything good about the life that I have lived, fun times, beautiful people that I have met, breathtaking sceneries that I have seen, heavenly created landscapes, paradise like beaches and so much more; are found in Kenya.

As a bartender you can you can guess that I get to see and meet different people from different parts of the world. Reasons for their visit are best known to them, but a good number of the visitors come back again in fact some stay here for a while or for life. I have read in newspapers and some online magazines of former ambassadors, diplomats, business leaders, entrepreneurs and a few other people that I know personally move here. Sir Richard Branson openly admits how he loves our wildlife and is a huge fan of our title winning Rugby 7s national team that Virgin Atlantic airways was once an official sponsor. Think about our record breaking and title winning athletes, there is just so much more to do, see and experience in Kenya.

When planning for your next holiday or vacation, think of Kenya. Make that trip for a magical experience.

While I was thinking about writing this, I was worried for the uncertainties that come with elections in Kenya. My hope is that Kenyans will never forget all good a peaceful election can bring about. We should not destroy what makes us who we are. I hope that you may think and act positively before, during and after the elections. All I ask for is peace so that I can bartend and write.