Amazing people

It Monday 9 is and I am looking for a laptop with a working mic so I can talk to these strangers on a google hangouts group video. I have no idea who they are or how they talk to strangers. the stranger being me. when I join the group I find Peter and Kevin helping each other on git commands. they both welcome me and ask how I am doing with my project. I had issues and they helped me sort it out. Good people right? , or so you thought. 
The LFA Felistas has been more than supportive, she understands when we have slow internet and goes way out of her way to help us out. For me, i couldn’t have done most things without her help since I was new to almost everything I was supposed to use. her laugh during the calls kept the group chats easy and in a light mood. She gave us feedback when we did things wrong but never forgot to say that we were doing a good job at the end of it all.
Peter, always find him on the call probably helping or asking Kevin something, he always replies DM messages on point, very helpful. always complimenting me when I do a good job, maybe that’s why we gave him group leader. Kevin, on the other hand, is the inquisitive guy on the chat. always asking fellas what we forgot to ask. on slack he is really helpful always sending links to useful resources . in the drums he has really helped me sort out my issues. Bernice, the other lady of the group is quiet, she strives to talk despite technical difficulties.she is good. it’s funny when her internet is slow and she answers questions with a like 10 secs. so you see these people are not just good people there are amazing people. I couldn’t ask for a better team.