How to Travel The World: One Bitcoin at a Time.

How I lived in SE Asia for 6 months on one Bitcoin.

Digital Lawrence
Oct 20, 2018 · 3 min read

By James Lawrence aka Digi Lawrence

So you want to travel through Asia huh? Want to embrace the culture, or even just see the world more? Asia, if you’re like me, it will entirely different from your life in America, Europe, or Australia.

See Asia, and I want to be as politically correct and factually correct, while I’m describing it, is very diverse.

You see Singapore, and Japan while both very clean, are entirely different.

Once again, before moving forward I’d like to elaborate and say, I only speak English, and while I did pick up “thank you” in Thai, Chinese, and Japanese, I am strictly a person on Holiday and my guide isn’t meant to offend, but to enlighten.

With that said, since I am a huge crypto person, I will have to include a star rating for crypto for each country.

So here it goes, the definitive guide to Asia, by yours Truly Digital aka Digital Dash aka Lawrence aka LD.

Infact, if you actually like this book, I’ll make a paid version. More in-depth, more lit, more expansive, maybe 🤷‍♂️

Or just send me some Bitcoin ;p

I’m going to start the book in the order I visited, and remember, this is my thoughts, and opinions, of and could be entirely different from yours!


Bangkok, wow that was so much fun. My first time in Asia, I had just recently got my first crypto job, and wow was I pumped to dip out of the country. Two friends of mine, convinced me to travel the world. For how long? Idk? Was I super rich, nope? Infact I won’t even let you know how much cash I had on hand when I landed, let’s just say, because of some extenuating circumstances I was kinda low on funds at that exact moment and couldn’t access my Crypto. 😂

So, I was hype, first international flight to Asia. I believe we left out of Los Angeles and Landed in Tokyo, I know now, because as I am writing this I am in Tokyo, and just spent a week here.

I was able to meet a few dope crypto people too, Mai, Daniel, Chinlou. But I digress, I landed in Tokyo, and immediately lit a cigarette, I’m not sure why. I hadn’t smoked in a long time, but my friend wanted to smoke a cigarette, and we just had a 14 hour flight. Sooo, we did. The thing about a 14 hour flight is, you just want it to end. Luckily, I was pretty doped up on NyQuil or something, and my friend was really doped up, he passed out out of his seat into the aisle. I mean I was asleep for that, but he told me the story later in Thailand, apparently some lady in the Aisle, pointed laughed, and said “this guys on drugs” my friend was offended, but she was technically right.

So we’re in Tokyo, we’ll actually right outside of Tokyo, remember those two airports I talked about?

Well one is FARRR away, and one is close. You want to be at the close one. Trust me. Narita is far, Hanita is close. I actually just had a slight mix up, at these two airports which led me to having to sleep in one of those capsule hotels. Actually are quite nice! Kinda love it. You get a robe and a showe, then slip into your pod. Very cozy!

So If you can tell this writing style will be story based, sprinkled with helpful tips, I’ll try and do a summary for each country, but no promises! I mean I will, but as you can imagine it’s a lot to write. And I think better in narrative style.

So if you want to look back, I’ll have information for each trip. But also you gotta read the whole book to get hype. Just saying.

So, there I was in Japan, first time stepping on Asian soil. 💪

To be continued.. please let me know if you enjoy, it’ll motivate more to finish the book.

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