The Necessity of Digital Minimalism

Cal Newport writes:

Digital minimalism is a philosophy that helps you question what digital communication tools (and behaviors surrounding these tools) add the most value to your life. It is motivated by the belief that intentionally and aggressively clearing away low-value digital noise, and optimizing your use of the tools that really matter, can significantly improve your life.

I think is going to be very important in the future: A holistic schema for operating in both a digitized culture and an attention economy. Newport goes into detail on a series of core concepts, including:

- Activity trumps passivity.
- The best is different from the rest.
- Be wary of tools that solve a problem that didn’t exist before.

When you sit with this idea and consider how few people think about this sort of thing at all, it’s quite horrifying. I believe ideas like this have to become native to people, lest we want the cultural trend line to continue towards divide. Across the board, from households through university, these concepts need to be instilled in how we evolve as a species.

We have to start teaching this. Really.