My version of being black during this election

Never claim to be the biggest activist like some of my friends nor the voice of black America (I just wouldn’t have the patience for it anyways). Let me introduce myself, I am a simple man, I work for the military (and my views are not the DOD’s) for 14 years and am accustomed to working with people with differing opinions. Maybe the military has us geared to just tolerate each and downplay each others differences for the greater good but I feel like many of my hardcore conservatives aren’t as racist as the media and liberal America pegs them to be. I tend to not try to lump everyone in the same group and try to see from all angles, that don’t mean Ill ultimately agree with the Trump camp (cause I don’t) but I don’t believe all conservative Republicans to be Trump either. While I watch America in-fight I tend to just take it for what its worth…America voted and the people have spoken, I did with Obama and now we about to do it with Trump. Trump may be a leader but bad people will be here regardless and must be delt with accordly more so then Trump fairly winning an election. Trump is not there parents or role models and they were taught this way before the election in my opinion. The way I figure if we survived as a nation with Bush we will make it with Trump, he has a decent vp from what i see in Pence and he will be the backbone of the administration. I get it Trump isn't the model citizen but if it was that much of a problem apparently the people didn't reflect it in the vote and the neither did polls, either way we will survive and press as a nation, meanwhile i will be here staring at clouds as the world will still turn.

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