No One Man Can Rise About The Condition of His People.

Muhammed Ali & Louis Farrakhan

To be completely honest today’s post was going to be a homage to my favorite doughnut, but as I was sitting here watching the Giants play the Phillies a link to an interview circulated across my timeline. After my curiosity got the best of me the youtube link expanded and out of it belted the life perspective from the honorable Louis Farrakhan.

By now I'm well aware that the minister may have played a part in the execution of the great Malcolm X, but the topics in which he speaks upon in this segment are worth the attempt to spread consciousness to minds both old and young.

At 82 years young this legendary orator is still equipped to eloquently tackle the tough issues at hand. Politics, entertainment, and the future of Blacks in America all earn time in his discussion.

A new perspective of life lays only one click away… Are you brave enough to explore?