god and devil 
thumb wrestle in my chest

they’ve been at it for a while 
tongues poked through tooth 
arms flailing 
two snakes in search of throat

I have never read the bible
I tell them 
but know a few good Johns
my auntie says I am always
in her prayers 
this, must count for something
but it is farther down

then I care to go
where morality broods
until I find the cash-stuffed wallet
the ID’s face so similar my ears turn pink

her lips so close 
that green apple cherry gloss +
clean linen scent ruins me

god and devil
are playing tic-tac-toe on my diaphragm 
they never pick up when they’re done
they make it hard to breath

it’s been a year of cats games 
they love the activity all the same 
whiskey only makes them chuckle
in their plastic ponchos
bubbling up my spine
I must do my best to drown them out
or risk the fold up table of my liver
where they like to roll who goes first

get some sleep they soothe
god and devil do not leave

we are that ringing in your ear!

we are the long awaited breeze

idk who let you in here
but I guess it’s about time we talked