watching a documentary about elephants is how I know

I, really, like, animal no words
all unspeakable chemical my heart
a magnet through any of your silver
linings love you bc an elephant is not
from the earth, it is of the earth how
when you are snuggling up against me
on the bean bag I won’t let you get rid of
I am not from anywhere
I am only of a heaven that has some how slipped
through the cracks into our living room
tickles your arm pits under the comforter
buzzes as the space heater loves our feet
how an elephant loves candy, any sugar
or bananas, they go to town the same way we
make french fries disappear which if
I understand right we’re about to Houdini
them right out of existence how in order
to break an elephant it must be tortured
out of a mother’s love to be replaced
with a fear of man this I can’t take
when they rescue the female she is 70
blind, her body a map of previous abuse
she cries when she gets home
she has a hard time making friends
I decide home is just where love hangs out
here I am crying over fucking bananas
uncaging the language in an elephant’s eye
wondering if you’re ever going to come home
the roads are pretty bad tonight what if
what if the image of you car wrapped around a light
post melts like bad sugar on my tongue
the Mazda a tiny crushed black box now
is all I can breath or think about
how fear knives and hooks love out of the body
Jesus, and to think I tell you there is nothing
to worry about it will all be fine
the elephants are rolling around in dirt now
they are grinning like idiots
they are eating more bananas and I need one
w/ some peanut butter on a sundae like right now
I do not believe in the word impossible
but it is impossible to watch an elephant smile
and not want to die from happiness
they form a ring of protection around their
savers they are smiling with their eyes
they are making me blind with tears
I decide there is no world worth living in
without elephants so I pick up my phone
I text:

I love you. So. Much. Are you going
to be home soon?! What should we
eat tonight? I am done with this
world lets go find us a herd of
elephants that will love us
without asking.

Looking to put up raw material here as much as I can going forward and connecting w/yall. Drop a line and thank you for reading.

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