For The Record, Jill Stein Would Have Made A Great President
Caitlin Johnstone

Yes, Dr. Stein would have made a good prez. Great? Who knows.

The thing to never forget is she never had a chance in the general election.

Instead, vapid and holier-than-thou voters like yourself choose to throw the close election to Trump, reality be damned.

You and your kind refused to vote for Hillary, and lost the election.

You and your anti-Hillary kind don’t care that the poor and vulnerable in our society will suffer life shattering damage, and worse, here and abroad as a result of the regime you directly enabled.

But you don’t care.

You had the choice right in front of your face, the Democratic Party platform and recent experience, especially advancing Obamacare health access to tens of millions.

And now their lives are directly threatened by the White and GOP.

But that would have happened anyway.


Your kind makes me sick

No human rights credentials whatsoever.

Grow up.

And start understanding the pain you have caused.


Got that?


Start living in the real world.

But Hillary was a mass murderer, right?

Or she would have become one?


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