Umberto Eco: The Productivity Patterns of a Polymath
Charles Chu

I like your finish: “What do you think of in the elevator?”

And how Eco points to the interstices as the neglected place of happening, neatly summarised: “without the spaces between particles, the universe would shrink to the size of a ball.” Even that is probably an exaggeration, no? When we’re talking about important crucial matters as you are in this article, the real issue is the ball itself, in other words, what is actually indispensable in the universe. Why the size of a ball? Should we say the universe shrinks to nothing? The motivations which determine the form and eventual reality of all the things done in the time between other things happening must come from somewhere, and in fact is the only real element in question here. In comparison with this secret, “hidden” level, all the rest is a given.

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