“So if I dont support Hillary I’m a stupid mysoginyst.”
Sasha Stone

I can’t tell you how hurt I am. I’m such a mysoginyst I went out and voted for a woman. Yes Jill Stein got my vote in a southern state where my vote really didnt matter anyway. How I wish it had so you vagina voters would have had to learn your lesson. That sound you hear is your childish argument going down the toilet. Back a better candidate next time-An honest one, male or female. Hillary was no more entitled to my vote than you are any sense of moral or intellectual superiority. Judging from the overwhelming negative response to your whining expose, I can only surmise you’re slow on the uptake. And still all you have is insults to offer. That said, go shave your pits. It would be time better spent than this shrieking tripe.