It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Sasha Stone

So if I dont support Hillary I’m a stupid mysoginyst. Did I miss anything? How does drivel like this get published? Allow me to retort. Hillary lost this race because she is incapable of running a half way decent campaign. Her and her cabal of women rigged the primaries and hoped we’d all forget about her republican light, one stance in public and another in private Wall Street corruption. Bernie is the spirit of the party now, get over yourself. Hillary had no automatic right to the nomination no matter how many superdelegates she threatened into her corner before the campaign even began. That temper tantrum she threw on election night was her own personal ceiling, glass or not. Hillary is done, the voters dont want her. You can vote with your vagina all you want, the rest of us will use our brains. When the DNC gets back to supporting unions and working people instead of investment bankers and billionaires, it will have our votes back. I’m no longer voting for the lesser of two evils.