Heneral Luna (Critique Paper)

Heneral Luna tells biography of General Antonio Luna (John Arcilla), commander of the revolutionary army who knows the way of the war. After three hundred years as a Spanish colony, the Philippines must face a new foreign power trying to overtake them: the United States of America. Wanting to fight for his motherland and freedom, General Luna wishes nothing but to be a completely independent and unified country, away from the Spanish and Americans. However, members of the elite cabinet want to cease all fighting, to strike a deal with the Americans, and to form an agreement between both parties. Faced with much pressure from the outside by the Americans and inside by the politicians, the fighting is fierce. However, General Luna and his loyal men forge ahead even as his military decisions are met with resistance from soldiers who are loyal only to President Aguinaldo (Mon Confiado). Ultimately, it is the general’s legendary temper and pride that brings him to his death when he is assassinated by a pack of presidential guards in broad daylight. While American newspapers blame Aguinaldo, the mystery of General Luna’s assassination was never completely solved, and his killers were never put to justice. tells the story of a man whose love for his own motherland and sole purpose was to fight her independence, led to his own tragic death by being betrayed by the very own people he fought for. The passion and dedication, led to many drastic actions and decisions, which many felt unnecessary and deemed dangerous. Characterized as hot-blooded, was one of the many traits that made him the renowned and notorious general he is today.scenes settle down later on a long table with cabinet members on the side and — on opposite sides of the table — General Luna and President Emilio Aguinaldo. This is where the other war begins and where the war of words would later escalate to more feuds. If one is to understand politics, you know the person with the tight lip could prove to be an even more dangerous enemy.

The general tries to instill discipline among his ill-equipped soldiers but it turns out to be a losing battle. He humiliates officers and soldiers who disobeyed him. What would later result in the most horrific death of a national hero is still shocking to hear.Heneral Luna” for showing Filipino audiences the respect they deserve, for not underestimating the capacity of Filipino audiences to appreciate a challenging, engaging, and well-done movie.But just the same, I do not want to put the Filipino media off the hook yet. Now that it has been shown that a different, intelligent movie based on Filipino history can, indeed, draw and preserves this what general Luna means to us!

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